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Label Design

Karmaceuticals approached me for help with designing over 50 product labels. Owner and Naturopath Deni-Sue wanted to polish up the presentation of her beautiful hemp-based health and wellness products. We aimed to elevate the look from rustic hand-written labels to a clean and natural boutique apothecary brand that still felt like it was made with love. 

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The creative brief required product label designs that:

  • Were based on existing Karmaceuticals brand standards but with a slight “refresh”
  • Kept brand colours of deep green and bright clean white 
  • Achieved a look inspired by vintage apothecary labels without appearing “too cluttered”
  • Were quick and easy to implement across a range of products and vessel styles
  • Didn’t use hemp leaves on certain products due to healthcare practitioner regulations

Deni-Sue also requested that I develop written product descriptions and usage instructions for each product, with her expert guidance.


I first refreshed the Karmaceuticals logo, keeping it essentially the same but updating the font and finer details of the design.

I then developed a series of rough label design concepts for review and Deni-Sue selected her favourite. 

The packaging is minimal and eco-conscious. Since the labels were going to be applied by hand in store, I chose to design them in one single piece wherever possible to cut down on manual tasks for the apothecary’s staff. 

patchouli essential oil
rosemary essential oil
tangerine essential oil
lavender essential oil
cedarwood essential oil



We use consistent font faces throughout the designs, vintage monochrome botanical illustrations and variations on decorative borders to achieve the vintage inspired look. The resulting designs position Karmaceuticals’ brand and products as quality, effective, natural and handmade with care.