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Total Hemp Co. Brand Design


Total Hemp Co. were developing a wonderful range of hemp-based food and wellness products. Their primary product had been industrial hemp, but they wanted to expand their business offerings into this new, rapidly growing market. Their existing branding was inconsistent and not reflective of their high quality products. We worked to develop a brand style that reflected their core values, matched their business vibe, piqued customer interest and inspired trust. 


May 2019


Total Hemp Co.

My Role

Brand Design


Design a brand that can: 
– Speak to the target market
– Be implemented across a range of products
– Evolve as the business evolves


After I was given a tour of the hemp farm and sanctuary, we did some brainstorming and developed a list of key words and phrases that we wanted the brand to encompass. We did some competitor research, decided on our market positioning and then I presented Total Hemp Co. with some artistic concepts. 

total hemp co logo



Total Hemp Co. has adopted a brand styling based on the eclectic natural environment of their hemp farm and the surrounding areas. It tells the story of their product  line and also highlights the “dawning of a new era” in which cannabis products are no longer considered taboo, but are highly beneficial for everyone.