hemp seed packaging

Total Hemp Co. Product Labels


Label design




Total Hemp Co. was developing a wonderful range of hemp-based food and wellness products. Their existing packaging was inconsistent in design and not reflective of their high quality products. We worked to develop a label design style that positioned the range as natural, healthy and straight from the earth. It also had to be easily adaptable to a large and continually growing range of products.

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The owner of Total Hemp Co. wanted the product labels to be bold, unique and differentiate the business from other products in the market. The challenge was in how to make the designs interesting, yet easily adaptable and transferrable over an entire range of products that includes food, skincare, bath and body products and therapeutic items.

Total Hemp Co. is an eco-conscious business and they didn’t want any unnecessary packaging for their products – all the info had to fit on a single label. 

3 pouches of hemp seed


Total Hemp Co. is situated at beautiful Barrabup Sanctuary – a peaceful plot of land on the banks of the Blackwood River near Nannup, Western Australia. I looked to the environment for inspiration for the branding and product labels. Spending time near the riverbank gave me the inspiration to use an artistic “river stones” motif as a colourful background for all the labels. We differentiated the product types using colour groups that coincided with the brand colours we had previously created. 



We wanted the products to be attractive to people of all ages and genders – they will look great on anyone’s kitchen shelves or bathroom countertop! Keywords like organic, small-batch, eco-friendly, natural and handmade come to mind. The Total Hemp Co. product range is unified, accessible and presents to the target markets in an ideal way.