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As an experienced wellness practitioner specialising in a range of modalities, Laurel had been offering her services at a luxury resort in South East Asia. She contacted me when she was ready to take the next step in her career and begin working under her own unique brand. Laurel herself is a brilliant writer and had hired a professional photographer so her content was ready – she just needed a brand and website and the rest would fall into place. 

See it in action at www.wildcedarwellness.com

wild cedar wellness on a beach


Develop a brand that resonates with Wild Cedar Wellness’ ideal customer and create a website that Laurel can learn to manage and update herself.

This project was completed remotely – done entirely over online messaging and video calls. 

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Laurel was already very in tune with what she wanted from her website technically and had some ideas for her brand. We decided to do a bit of exploration around who her ideal client was to really narrow it down. 

Laurel teaches yoga nidra – a guided meditative style of yoga. To help her bring forth the meaning behind her brand, I recorded a soft-spoken, guided meditation for her in which she visualises her ideal client and presents them with her business card.

This helped us discover what reactions and emotions we wanted from her clients when they came into contact with her brand. 

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This project required us to overcome a styling challenge. Laurel was originally based in a tropical beach environment and that vibe came through in her imagery and colour palette. Halfway through our project, she moved back to Canada and the look of the imagery began to shift to a northern forest vibe. We aimed to blend the two looks and work with her photographic content created in each hemisphere. 

The resulting style aims to evoke feelings of calmness, healing, strength and inspiration. 

"Working with Andrea was a dream. She's professional, friendly and delivered quickly. She seamlessly blended my vision with her own industry insights to create a product that I am still rubbing my eyes in disbelief over."

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