Blog Writing & Content Marketing

Developing an informational blog as part of your content marketing strategy is SO worth your time.

Blog articles can do awesome things for your business like:

* Provide your customers with detailed facts on how your product can benefit them
* Sell your product without selling your product
* Make your website more visible to search engines
* Paint you as an expert in your field
* Provide you with content to share on your social media channels and EDMs that deliver traffic back to your website

The only problem is... blogs take time to research, write and post online.

Here, let me help you with that.

Brand Design

Having a cohesive brand makes your business instantly recognisable to your customers and builds trust.

I can help you develop a business logo, typographical style, brand colours and style guide as well as more abstract assets like a unique "brand voice" for your written copy.

Small businesses that are just getting started often underestimate the power and importance of a strong brand identity from the get-go. Investing in professional brand styling as one of your first important business tasks will set you up for success in the long run.

Contact me to learn more about branding.


Copywriting is one of my favourite aspects of my work. I love crafting thoughtful, informed text to help sell products and services.

I have a way with words and I don't mind doing research into your industry to make sure I understand and can write confidently about your business for your website, blog, printed material, product labels and more using your unique brand voice.

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Digital Marketing & Strategy

I can help you with business growth goals like increasing your social media page followers, promoting an event or driving traffic to your website using targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Google.

However, sometimes goals like these require other digital assets to be put in place first. For example, it's not worthwhile to spend money on a digital advertising campaign to drive people to your website unless it's clear what you want people to do once they arrive at your website. There may be some web development, copywriting or freebie creation that must happen prior to an effective campaign.

Contact me and we'll discuss your business objectives. I can help you make a plan.

E-Commerce Set Up

Selling your products and services online is a great way to open up a whole new income stream, but there's a lot of set up involved.

I can help you select a sales platform, connect your payment accounts, work out shipping options and create imagery and write ups for your products that sell.

Let's get you online!

Email Marketing (EDM)

Are you looking to build or grow your list of email contacts? Need to send a professional looking invitation, promo or message out to your business contacts? I can help.

Email marketing is arguably one of the most effective ways to get a message out there and can result in some of the highest returns. But, there are many things to be aware of when using this marketing tool. I can help you craft professional email marketing campaigns that adhere to best practices and achieve your goals.

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Graphic Design

Here is a list of creative marketing assets I can design for you. Not on the list? I can probably still do it.

- Flyers
- Brochures
- Business cards
- Letterhead
- Magazines
- Posters
- Signage, banners & flags
- Stickers
- Documents
- Reports
- T-shirts
- Promo merchandise

Let's chat!

Packaging & Label Design

Your product packaging might be the first interaction your customers will have with your brand. Don't underestimate the power of that first impression.

Your packaging and labels explain who you are and helps people make both conscious and unconscious decisions about how they feel about your brand. This ultimately leads to decisions about how much they're willing to pay for your product.

Professional and appropriately designed packaging helps to place your brand in that sweet spot in your market - wherever you've decided you want that to be.

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If you're trying to start out simply and aren't ready to invest in a professional photographer and headshot session just yet, I can help you.

Do I know every fancy photography technique and have tons of expensive lighting and camera equipment? Nope.

Can I take a decent shot of you and your products, Photoshop the heck out of them and put them on your website, brochure or signage? Yes of course, and they'll look great.

Get help with your photos now while you develop your business.

Social Media Page Design & Copywriting

Are you trying to set up your social media pages and getting frustrated with all the different image sizes, resolutions and orientations required? It's tricky to make it all look right, especially across desktop, mobile and tablet views.

I can help you create perfectly sized, branded icons, banners and imagery for your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, etc. so your accounts look super professional.

Struggling to think of how to summarise your business in XX characters or less? I can write your intro blurbs and "About" sections to help you achieve maximum impact upon first impression.

* A Note on Social: While I'm able to help you set up your social pages to get you going, or help you with a social media reach campaign that has a beginning and end date, I am not able to offer ongoing, day to day social media page management.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about this service.

Web Design / Web Development

I offer website design and development services for a range of requirements. The process begins by helping you pick the platform that is right for you and your business. That might be WordPress, that might be Squarespace, that might be something else.

We'll define your website's goals and create an online presence for your business that works from all angles and fits your budget.

I can create websites from scratch or redesign your existing site.

Let's get you online